#Classof2020 Facebook Challenge Single Handedly Saves Senior Year

“#Classof2020Challenge: To show support the Class of 2020 dealing with Coronavirus cancelling their proms and graduations, share a picture of yourself from senior year in high school.”

The idea behind this viral challenge is to show support for this year’s class of graduates who are losing their last weeks of their senior year to the COVID-19 pandemic. The local communities of Jamesville and Dewitt have taken a liking to this challenge. Many older Facebook users are posting their senior photos from prom or graduation, including their high school name and graduation year. 

The senior class opened their Facebook apps for the first time in two years this week to see the overwhelming amount of support in the form of their elders’ immortalized mullets and hairspray. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

“I just got all choked up, I…I felt like the entire community was telling me it was gonna be okay,” said senior Janna VanVranken.

“Seeing everyone else’s pictures from when they peaked appearance-wise in high school, living those experiences we’ll never get to have, it comforted me. I think I finally found peace with the end of my childhood,” added Trey Romano. 

“You can really tell that it really took a lot of guts for everyone to dig up those yearbooks and post those very flattering pictures of themselves for an audience of old friends. I hope I’ll grow up to be as brave and resilient as them,” said Sofie Brutsaert solemnly.

The Facebook users, though humble, accept their role as the sole saviors of the class’s senior year. 

“Anything I can do to make them a little less sad that they’ll never participate in the life-changing milestones that are prom and graduation,” said Jamesville resident Mary Hunter. “Not to talk too much about myself when we should be talking about the accomplishments of our seniors, but I’ve had so many people message and call me about my post, supporting me, saying ‘Your high school graduation year and photo led me to find out where you live now.’ It’s so supportive, like they’re saying ‘I know you. I see you.’”

Guiseppe Baxter
Giuseppe Baxter is the founder and manager of the publication Yampage. Prior to working in investigative journalism, he worked as a professional Rasputin impersonator. After work one day, he managed to retell an exact encounter with an unhappy customer who claimed that Rasputin was not Russia’s greatest love machine, and realized he had a gift. Giuseppe claims he is the only person who works at Yampage and that the rest of the staff is his entourage of imaginary friends, but this is up for debate. Giuseppe lives in the bread section of Wegmans with his dog, Mr. Cherry Garcia. Giuseppe refuses to provide his email, but claims that if you shout his name just north of Mario and Salvo’s at approximately 4 P.M., he shall appear and answer all that needs to be answered. He does answer fan mail addressed to Alethea Shirilan-Howlett (’20).