Can You Keep Up with the Kardashians?

October 6, 2014

By Amy Shen and Marie Saba

Staff Writers

The Kardashians’ lives are full of excitement and chaos that keep fans on their toes. The Kardashians’ became a hit with their own reality TV show starring their family and their crazy, busy Hollywood lives. Recently Kim and Kourtney have been taking the spotlight with a new game and a new baby. But the real question is, is Jamesville-DeWitt High School keeping up with the Kardashians?

Kourtney Kardashian, 35-year-old model, celebrity, businesswoman, reality TV show star, is a mother of two, and soon to be three. Unleashing a surprise on her fans, Kourtney announced she is expecting a baby boy around this Thanksgiving.

This is Kourtney’s third baby with boyfriend Scott Disick. On “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Scott seems to be overwhelmed by the third baby, saying, “I can’t handle this responsibility. I just can’t take care of more kids.”

The opinion on Kourtney and Disick’s marital choices varies at J-DHS. Some viewers are surprised and question why they haven’t gotten married yet. However, sophomore Caroline Darcy says, “In this day and age, [having children out of wedlock] doesn’t really matter.” Darcy isn’t the only one that feels this way; freshman Carlena Torrens agrees.

Freshman Rachel Setek prefers not to take sides when it comes to Kourtney and Disick’s marital choices. She understands their choices by saying, “both of Scott’s parents just died, and so I guess he’s pretty lonely so he probably wants a big family,” says Setek. But she also admits that there is a risk for Kourtney because she has kids, and he could leave her at any moment.

Despite supporting Kourtney with her pregnancy, and adjusting to her new life with Kanye West and baby North West, Kim, Kourtney’s younger sister, has found time to create her own game. As of June 25, the “Kim Kardashian Game” is available through the App Store or Play Store. It immediately gained popularity because of her fans and people who were curious about the app. 

In the game, you create a male or female avatar who meets Kim Kardashian and becomes famous through going to events and getting jobs that Kim, as a model, celebrity, businesswoman, and reality TV show star, would get. This earns you points that raise you up to the A-list. The A-list is the highest level you can achieve in the game.

“I love that game,” freshman Arhamah Beg says, “it’s fun, and it’s really exciting.” Senior Tal Frieden agrees, by saying, “I think it’s genius, Kim’s just doing her thing.”

On the other hand, freshman Lindsey Young says, “I think it’s kind of stupid, but it’s addicting.” Freshman Lainey Foti has a similar point of view on the game; “I think it’s quite stupid. I don’t know why they’re famous in the first place.”

“I used to [like the game], but it got old,” says Darcy. Torrens has a similar opinion: ”it was fun at first, then it got boring.”

Questions have come up about whether or not Kim will create a new game based off the current one. J-DHS students agree that she most likely won’t make a new game, but possibly create more updates. Kim Kardashian game players have also noticed that the game’s popularity has faded and died down. “I think the popularity died down about a week ago,” Foti says, “I think it was pretty popular for a good solid two weeks.”

The game may no longer be as big of a hit, but viewers can look forward to the birth of Kourtney’s child in the next month and keep up with any new life changes with the Kardashians by watching them on E! channel.

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