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Sondrine Blusk, '21

Sondrine Blusk, '21
Sondrine Blusk spends her time writing a variety of genres and mediums, from fiction books and short stories, to essays, to articles, as well as poems, depicting current day issues in society. These issues include social inequality, global warming, and economic/political/social problems in other, struggling countries. She started to explore her interest in both fiction and nonfiction writing (though mostly leaning towards fiction) in sixth grade, and she hasn’t turned back since, often submitting to writing contests and publications, including JD’s Rambunctious Literary Magazine and Scholastic Art & Writing Awards contest (she won a silver key). Sondrine lives with her mother, father, and two pets—a dog and cat—in a peaceful neighborhood in Dewitt, typing away on her laptop whenever she gets the chance.

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