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Nicole Chen, '26

Nicole Chen is a freshman at J-DHS who writes a myriad of articles for RamPage. She hopes to have her week filled with clubs (which currently, it isn’t) and she obsesses over writing quick author’s bios.

Meet J-D’s New Administrative Intern: Mr. Yanchuk

Vitalily Yanchuk has become a familiar face in the Jamesville-Dewitt High School community, often seen roaming the blue hall or in his classroom. For the past seven years, Yanchuk has taught several classes, including...

Mr. Krukowski Retires From Teaching After 30 Years

When students walk down the green hall at J-DHS or browse the library, they are sure to pass by a door leading to G12. The room is a computer lab and a classroom for...

Mrs. LeStrange Retires After 27 Years in the J-D Community

Between having lived through the COVID-19 pandemic, construction to the school, and seeing a change with a new principal, the students at Jamesville-Dewitt High School have experienced their fair share of change. The school...

Fire Alarm Set Off During AP U.S. History Exam

AP (Advanced Placement) exams are undoubtedly pivotal moments in one’s high school career. They dictate if a student will be able to receive a college credit for the course they took, and they cost...

J-D Mascot is Ready to Unite

For several years, the red ram has been the iconic mascot showcased by the Jamesville-DeWitt School District. Since at least 1986, the ram has been seen on several promotional items tied with the district,...

J-DHS Short Play Festival Returns for 2023

Returning for yet another year, Drama Club hosted their Short Play Festival at 7:00 p.m on March 17 in the J-DHS auditorium. The festival featured ten different ten minute student-written plays, each with their...

Blind Dates With a Book: Meet the Mastermind Behind It!

Since the school year started, the display cases outside of the school library have been frequently changing. From Teentober to the current Valentine’s cases, it’s safe to say that the decorator has a myriad...

DECA: What is it and Why You Should Join

Jamesville-DeWitt High School has quite a large collection of clubs under its belt, and one of its newer clubs has found their target. DECA, a club first started during 2021, has seen a surge...