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Luke Hobika, '20
When I am not studying, saying hi to you in the halls, or running, you can 100% guarantee that I am analyzing your favorite piece of music, film, or television.

Deeper Meaning: Parasite

The Parasitic Illness that Infects a Class System Luke Hobika '20 A capitalistic society is a society that inherently consists of both economic and social divisions. The factors that differentiate the classes in this society are...

J-DHS Chamber Choir Finds Motivation through Music

Finding Light in the Dark During these times of uncertainty, it is difficult to stay motivated in life. Back when we existed in a "normal" society, we had our own ways to remain persistent throughout...

Staying Culturally Connected while Quarantined

Keeping Up when Disconnected The faster we adopt practical social distancing strategies, the faster we will return to something close to normalcy. With that said, when was the last time somebody encouraged you to watch...

No Murder Happened Here

Music to Be Murdered By by Eminem 4.93/10 Best tracks: ”Unaccommodating;” “You Gon’ Learn;” “Never Love Again;” “Lock It Up” Worst tracks: “Those Kinda Nights;” “Stepdad;” “Marsh;” “Farewell” Eminem’s career hit a relative maximum at the time of...

Bringing Light to His Streets

Acid Rap by Chance the Rapper Opinions belonging to Luke Hobika Best tracks:  “Good Ass Intro;” “Cocoa Butter Kisses;” “Acid Rain” Worst tracks: “NaNa;” “Smoke Again” The perfect summer in Chicago can consist of events as unifying as...

The Year to Come

The Music and Movies of 2020 The world experienced a rapid innovation in the way it consumes entertainment throughout the 2010s. There were advancements made for smart devices, surges in the subscription rates of media...

Go with the Flow

Currents by Tame Impala Opinions belonging to Luke Hobika Best tracks: “Let it Happen;” “Eventually;” “The Less I Know the Better” Worst tracks: “Past Life” With the band already having 2010’s Interspeaker and 2012’s Lonerism under their...
OK Computer

We Live in a Society: The Album

OK Computer by Radiohead Opinions belonging to Luke Hobika Best tracks: "Paranoid Android;" "Let Down;" "Karma Police;" "No Surprises" Worst tracks: "Subterranean Homesick Alien" (if I had to pick one) Society is currently in the Information Age, a...

Not to Mention: November 2019

Opinions belonging to Luke Hobika Scorpion by Drake 3.81/10 Best tracks: “Can’t Take a Joke;” “Summer Games;” “Nice For What” (don’t care about the popularity. This song is fantastic); Worst tracks: “Nonstop;” “Talk Up” (the mixing on this...