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Lucas Chiorini, '25

Lucas Chiorini is the Culture Editor for the RamPage. He also participates in clubs such as Student Government, Stage Crew, and the YamPage.

Season 1 of Severance is an Enigmatic, Electrifying Thrill Ride

One of Apple TV+’s newest shows, Severance, is quite possibly the most compelling mystery show in years. The show follows workers at a mysterious corporation called Lumon who have undergone Lumon’s Severance Procedure: while...

Mrs. Quackenbush Talks About Her New Music Theory Elective

J-DHS has a new music elective taught by Mrs. Quackenbush called Music Theory. RamPage talked with her to learn more about the exciting new course. What is the new Music Theory elective? The new Music Theory...

The Northman Is a Brutal Epic That Runs an Hour Too Long

Warning: Spoilers for The Northman ahead, as well as descriptions of violent/disturbing content. “I will avenge you, Father. I will save you, Mother. I will kill you, Fjölnir.” These words are from the foundation of...

Apple TV’s “The Afterparty” is Fine, But Nothing More

When Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the guys behind "The Lego Movie," teamed up again for a murder mystery miniseries, expectations were high. Paired with a star-studded cast, this show was going to be...

The RamPage’s Guide to the Oscars

It’s Oscars season. The time of year when movie lovers make their picks, pop some popcorn, and sit in front of the TV, waiting for the awards show to begin. The 2022 Oscars are...

New Student Art Murals in J-D High School Library

If you’ve been in the library recently, you’ve probably seen the murals being painted by art students. This project is the brainchild of Mary Panek, the head librarian, and Jacob Brodsky, one of the...

Forget “Tiger King;” “Sunderland ‘Til I Die” is Netflix’s Best Docuseries

Netflix has made many docuseries. Many. "Tiger King," "Making A Murderer," and hundreds of their others shows have blown up in popularity, and Netflix even played a part in popularizing the true crime genre....

Cobra Kai Season 4 is High-Octane and Highly Absurd

Warning: Spoilers for Cobra Kai Netflix’s Cobra Kai began simply as a successor to The Karate Kid, in which the main hero and main villain are now depressed middle-aged men who start karate dojos. What...

Four Calming Things to Watch, Play, or Listen to Over the Holidays

1. Townscaper "Townscaper" is a city-building game designed by Swedish developer Oskar Stålberg, and released in June 2020. The game features a simple gameplay system: you build blocks in the middle of the ocean. With...

Turkey Bowling: The Story Behind Thanksgiving’s Weirdest Tradition

There are plenty of weird customs for all holidays, and Thanksgiving is no exception. Though it has a couple less than others, Thanksgiving certainly has its own unique traditions. Case in point: Turkey Bowling. The...