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Teachers Respond to Concerns with ChatGPT in School

By Contributing Writer Riley Kim ('24) Artificial intelligence, or “AI,” has become a big topic when it comes to education because of a program known as ChatGPT. This program allows students to write full essays...

Wellness Weekend Returns to J-DHS

By Contributing Writer Ben Falasco ('24) This weekend, there will be an unusual but beneficial mini-break for both students and staff. An often recurring Wellness Weekend event is taking place, which is something focused to...

Controversy Arises as Florida Bans AP African American History Course

By Contributing Writer Ben Falasco ('24) The attention of the educational world is currently on Florida, specifically Governor Ron DeSantis (R), as Florida’s Department of Education rejected an Advanced Placement course that focused on African...

Extremist Groups Target Power Substations Across the Country in Alarming Trend

By Contributing Writer Riley Kim ('24) Recently, there has been a trend of attempted and completed attacks on U.S. power stations. The most foiled recent plan aimed to “completely destroy” Baltimore. The culprits were a...

Middle School Construction of Collaborative Spaces Nearing Completion

By Contributing Writer Riley Kim ('24) While J-D High School has had its fair share of construction, so has J-D Middle School. Principal Andy Eldridge detailed the recent changes to the Middle School in an...

Are Abortion Laws a Factor in College Decisions at J-DHS?

By Contributing Writer Kate Saluti ('24) Over 100 years ago, the women’s suffrage movement swept the nation in protest of women’s inability to vote. Empowering suffragettes courageously fought for the right to vote for an...

Top 10 World News Stories of 2022

By Contributing Writer Kate Saluti ('24) 1. Russo-Ukrainian War Although the war had begun in 2014, on February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine and the war raged on throughout the year. Over 41,000 people have died,...

Meet Newest Addition to The Language Department: Srta. Johnston

By Contributing Writers Nicole Chen ('26) & Lynn Dong ('26) The start of the 2022-2023 school year introduced a mass of new teachers. From additions to the mathematics department, the history classrooms, and even the...

Controversial I-81 Redirection Halted Amidst Lawsuits

By Contributing Writer Riley Kim ('24) Attention drivers! A momentous change is happening to one of Syracuse’s key roadways in the future. The elevated section of I-81 is set to be torn down and replaced...

Dunkin Donuts Versus Starbucks – Who Has The Better Holiday Menu?

By Contributing Writer Tara Thorne ('24) This past Wednesday, RamPage staff members sat down and underwent multiple arduous, grueling, laborious trials. We were tasked with trying different holiday drinks and delicacies, then rating them on...