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Charlie Miller, '22

Charlie Miller, '22
Hi, this is Charlie Miller. You may know me through the hallways and through talking. I love mostly just drawing and becoming absorbed in music. Oh, and video games. Lots of those! I also, of course, write for the RamPage, mostly working on the Video Game Review columns, and doing some other fun articles on the way.

Spring Art Show

The Spring Art Show was held in May in the main gym foyer to showcase artwork J-DHS students from all grade levels. Zach Kushnir, '19Skylar Hardt,...

Scared to Talk

With the truth, people can do amazing things. With the truth, people can do amazing things. Truths are useful, and when someone tells you the truth, you gain...

Brain Candy: Addiction to Apps

I’m on the bus, chilling out as usual. My homework is done, my book is done, I forgot my portable DVD player (don’t judge.) So, I, like other people, whip out my...

Top 8 Worst Gender Issues in and around AAA Gaming

Damsels in Distress Princess Peach is the best example of "Damsel in Distress" For a lot of history in gaming, the damsel in distress...

Positively Creative: How creativity impacts us

Creativity is something people cannot live without and makes them unique. This trait saves lives, helps people to come up with ways to make tools that protect them, and build sturdy shelter that gives...