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Ben Harkaway, 20

Ben Harkaway, 20
Ben Harkaway, a junior, is the Opinion editor and lead contributor for the column "The Philosopher's Corner" for RamPage.

Standardized Testing: Failures, Effects, and Future Improvement

At its heart, standardized testing is a system with good intentions. It seeks to implement a method by which educators can attempt to effectively measure students’ abilities and aptitudes. Yet, despite those...

Graffiti: A Purpose to Write

In any society, defiance is prevalent. Individuals often find wrongs perpetrated by the “establishment” and adopt an “anti-status quo” mindset. In doing so, they commonly protest to demonstrate frustration. These protests manifest...

Social Media: Instant Gratification but at What Cost?

Social media is a reactive communication method. It is instant and responses are immediately expected. This column explores the philosophy of "instant gratification" associated with social media. Thus, the philosophical question is,...


NEW, RECURRING COLUMN EXPLORES THE BIG QUESTIONS Often in life one grows increasingly concerned about the nature of his or her being. A person may hesitantly inquire“Who is...