Asking for Your Input: New Thought Exchange Causes Chaos, Outrage

On October 12, Dr. Smith sent out a ThoughtExchange for district parents to express their feelings about the beginning of the school year. However, the ThoughtExchange has devolved into chaos as many parents have begun using it to share political views. Hoping to separate the relevant thoughts from the bizarre and confusing, Dr. Smith just sent out a new ThoughtExchange just for parents to express their feelings about issues that have nothing to do with the previous Thought Exchange. Here is a random selection of these thoughts and their average ratings.

  • My daughter had a great day last Tuesday (2 stars)
  • what’s the deal with tomatoes? are they a vegetable or a fruit?? this is tearing families apart!! (4 stars)
  • i love you, peter smith. (5 stars)
  • Stop teaching our kids trigonometry! That’s a parent’s job. Teachers should teach, not poison our children’s minds. (3 stars)
  • The school has a satirical publication, but no football team? What kind of scool is this? Kids shoud be making hs memories, not writing comedy! (1 star — deservingly so)
  • what is homework? (5 stars)
  • we ned betr spelling on this thought exchanj! (3 stars)
  • My kid is dealing with something that no one else is, but I’m going to put this in here as if everyone cares. (3 stars)
  • Thinking of dying my hair blue. Thoughts? (1 star — she did not dye her hair blue)
  • tomatoes? (5 stars)

Overall, over 3,000 thoughts were entered, 20% of which were related to tomatoes. Hopefully, the district will take the concerns of parents who contributed into consideration.

In other news, Dr. Smith has sent out a new ThoughtExchange asking for feedback on his previous ThoughtExchanges. We are all anxiously waiting for the results.

Aveline Chocolat
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