College Football Season Comes Into Full Swing

By Armauni Allen

Staff Writer

The 2013-2014 college football season has kicked off. Teams are striving to be placed in a bowl game, win the conference or possibly win the BCS National Championship. This is an interesting year in college football for fans. This season is different especially for fans of the Syracuse Orangemen; because they switched conferences from the Big East to the ACC. Also, Sophomore quarterback Johnny ‘’Football’’ Manziel is hoping to remain on top after being the only freshman in history to win the Heisman trophy. A huge problem for Manziel would be dealing with off field issues. Finally, the Alabama Crimson Tide is looking to win their third BCS National Championship in three years. So college football fans, with all that is taking place this year ask yourself one simple question: are you ready for some football?

The football season for Syracuse Orange fans kicked off the new conference play for all sports. For many years SU has been apart of the Big East conference, playing teams like UConn, Louisville and Rutgers. Now they have been moved to the ACC. ‘’It makes me sad’’ says guidance counselor Will Hartley; “I grew up watching Syracuse play teams like Georgetown and UConn and the games they play now won’t have the same meaning.’’ Some people are embracing the change from the Big East to the ACC, like Senior Zack Hatem; “I don’t mind SU changing conferences. They need better competition and this makes the football games more exciting.’’ Among the big ACC schools Syracuse will play are Clemson, North Carolina State and Florida State 
In the 2012-2013 season history was made when Johnny Manziel became the first freshman to win the Heisman trophy. At the age of 19, he had a groundbreaking year leading the Texas A&M Aggies to a 10-2 season with 3076 passing yards and 26 touchdowns. ‘’Johnny is going to take the Aggies all the way to the championship. I believe in him’’ says Senior Jafar Kinsey. Manziel hopes to overcome the ‘’sophomore slump’’ expectations and ignore the problems outside of football, like the ones that occurred in the off-season: interactions with law enforcement, fights at a bar, and a fake ID.

“Whatever happened in the offseason is going to make Johnny play harder. He will win another Heisman,’’ said Junior Adrian Autry. Kinsey and Autrey aren’t the only J-DHS students to fall victim the Manziel hype. Junior Evan Dourdas also agrees that Johnny will triumph last years performance and win another Heisman trophy.

In one of college football’s notoriously toughest conferences , the SEC, there is one team that always seems to be on top of things, especially the top 25 coaches poll. The Alabama Crimson Tide has been a dominant force on the football field for the past five years, winning three BCS National Championships. Sophomore and J-DHS varsity quarterback Jack Brotski agrees: “Alabama has been really good recently; they have a lot of good running backs and quarterbacks.’’ Alabama is always a shoo-in for the National Championship due to their large running backs and lockdown defense. Alabama has produce Heisman winners like Mark Ingram and NFL draft picks like Dee Milliner and Eddie Lacey.

So, on the brisk fall saturdays which team will you be watching?

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