Annual Board Of Education Vote Set To Be Held May 16

Photo shows voting ballot box. Photo credit: Thor_Deichmann on Pixabay; Creative Commons License

By Contributing Writer Riley Kim (’24)

On May 16, 2023 Jamesville-DeWitt residents will have the opportunity to vote on many key issues and ideas. One of the main ones being who will get elected to the Jamesville-Dewitt Board of Education. There are 3 candidates running for available positions. The candidates are David Babikian, John Baxter, and Joe Gross. Residents will be able to vote for their position on the Board of Education on May 16.

Another thing up for vote is the plan for the $69.4 million budget for 2023-24. This would be a historic increase of $2,098,322 in state aid for J-D. The district, after reviewing community input, is proposing enhancements to educational programs, safety, and athletics. These would include additional kindergarten classrooms, the English Language Learner program available to all elementary schools, school supplies for students Pre-K through 4th grade provided by school, safety related upgrades and support, cybersecurity protection and technology, and the addition of JV assistant coach positions for soccer, baseball, and softball teams.

To view the interviews with each of the board members running for a spot, look here:

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