Ancient Cult Revives YamPage From the Dead

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s YamPage and we’re flying higher than ever before. This year the best satirical newspaper at J-D is going to do the impossible and become better than ever before. Our team of expert editors is working diligently to bring a plethora of starchy new content to your lap. Outlined below are some of the new changes you can look forward to.

  • The inclusion of our starch-tastic puns in every article.
  • We will be bringing on more staff to grow our yamily. Keep an eye out for our posters or email us at if you’re interested in regaling the school with your tall tales.
  • Podcasts, videos, and memes, oh my! YamPage is going to be experimenting with new mediums in order to bring you the best experience possible.
  • Even more nonsensical stories that make even the silliest person go, “Huh? I don’t get it”.
  • More audience participation. If you thought the RamFeed trivia was fun just wait until you get asked about your rent in New York City or if you want you double it and give it to the next person.
  • Reporting on every single aspect of the J-D life. Even the ones no one asked for or wanted.
  • And more! Rest easy knowing that YamPage will be here for all our fake news needs.

So grab your helmets and hold your breath because this year YamPage is heading for the moon.

Billy Bob Joe
Billy Bob Joe is an accomplished snowman with a fortune to his name in royalties. He was born in Syracuse and has never traveled anywhere else. Some of his favorite activities are neglecting his teeth, writing bad articles, and bullying Larry from editing. Important matters can be discussed with him in his business hours which are as follows: the minutes from 11:59 to 12:00 on the 31st of September in the years 2027, 2054, and 3069. In any other case, you can contact Larry in editing or Aiden Bright (‘25).