A Week in Syracuse: Top News Stories

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Monday, 11/29/21

On Monday, November 29, a 40-year-old rape conviction was overturned by a judge. The woman who originally accused the man is Alice Sebold, an award-winning author, and Syracuse University alumni. Sebold’s memoir “Lucky” talks about her assault that took place when she was a freshman at Syracuse University. In this memoir, Sebold tells how she spotted the man who she said had raped her, Anthony Broadwater, months after the attack. She then alerted the police and testified against him in trial. Broadwater spent over 16 years in prison and was released on New Year’s Day in 1999, when he was 38 years old. Broadwater is now 61-years-old and has remained on the sex offenders list ever since.

For some background, Sebold had reported her encounter with her attacker to the police who proceeded to pick up Broadwater and charge him with rape. This led to a lineup in which five men stood next to each other in front of a one-way glass for Sebold to pick out her attacker from months before. Before the lineup, Anthony’s lawyer Steve Paquette had asked to have one of the men in the lineup replaced. The switch was “justified” because none of the men had similarities to Broadwater, other than the fact that they were all Black. Sebold had ultimately picked the newly added man and not Broadwater, which was enough to raise a doubt of Broadwater’s guilt.

The judge has cleared Anthony’s name of the conviction. His name will now be removed from the sex offender registry and ”in the eyes of the law,” it will be as if the crime never existed.

Tuesday, 11/30/21

On Tuesday, November 30, an SUV was reported to have flipped into a Centro bus stop after a two-vehicle collision, and the Syracuse basketball team beat Indiana at the Carrier Dome.

Witnesses say that a silver SUV collided with a black SUV and the black SUV came to a stop, upside down against a Centro bus stop. The collision was reported just after 9 p.m. on West Genesee Street. It was initially reported that a person had been trapped inside the vehicle, but was later reported to have escaped before fire crews arrived.

The Indiana vs. Syracuse basketball game was a close one, with the final score being 112-110. During halftime, the Orange were up by 16 points with the score being 49-33, but later going into two overtimes. Jimmy Boeheim, Syracuse’s forward, scored 26 points Tuesday night. With 5:50 seconds left in the game, his 3-point play inched Syracuse ahead, 74-70. On top of that, he had barely grazed the front of the rim on a 1-on-1 with 12 seconds left.

Wednesday, 12/1/21

The Syracuse Educational Opportunity Center held an Amazon job fair on Wednesday, December 1. This job fair took place in the city’s Southwest neighborhoods and was available to students and anyone else interested in this career opportunity. Amazon recruiters provided information about how to apply, positions available, job benefits, and much more. Attendees will have the opportunity to apply for these positions when Amazon opens a large distribution center in Clay early next year. The minimum starting wage is said to be $15 an hour for entry-level positions and the facility is hoping to create 1,500 jobs. The pay is the same for most fast-food jobs in New York, but $1.80 higher than what the average minimum wage will be in 2022.

Thursday, 12/2/21

A vehicle crash on Thursday, December 2 left one dead and another hospitalized. A 71-year-old man died after the vehicle crash Thursday morning. The 70-year-old woman who was in the passenger seat was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive, according to police. The crash was located on the 1200 block of Teall Avenue. The driver was unresponsive when officials arrived. He was then transported to Upstate Hospital and later pronounced dead. The man had been suffering from medical issues which had caused him to crash the vehicle into a utility pole.

Friday, 12/3/21

On Friday, December 3, rumors of a gun at Liverpool High School circled. Rumors of a student having a gun at the school have flooded social media after a student alerted their parents of a potential threat. Although the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office has ruled this threat as non-credible, some parents have posted on social media stating that someone threatened to bring an AR-15 to school and shoot students. Others have claimed that a student had a gun and a list of names that would be targeted. The district and law enforcement are currently still investigating the incident, and as of right now, have not found any validity in the rumors.

Since the incident is still under investigation, no information can be released, however, many Liverpool students have shared information online. What is true and what are rumors about the following is unknown. One student says that another student was going around the school banging on doors saying to open the door or they’ll shoot. Social media describes it as a male’s voice. Multiple students recall seeing law enforcement talking to a male student with a gun. Due to the fast spread of rumors that someone had a gun in school, students started to ask parents to pick them up around 4th period. A student quotes, “I stayed until 7th block and it was so dead I barely saw anyone.” Other students say people got out of hand creating rumors and they believe nothing actually happened. There were no announcements made and the school never went into lockdown, an odd thing when there are rumors somebody is threatening to shoot up the school.

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