A Remote Student’s Opinion: Virtual Gym Class

As if regular gym class isn’t hard enough, the class that socially awkward students dread and high school jocks love cannot be escaped even during a pandemic. We can never hide from this ominous storm cloud that hangs over our heads. However, as the strange 2020/2021 school year begins, students have been given the opportunity to attend school remotely, thus finally lifting the heavy weight of gym class that lies on their shoulders. Some students have opted for a hybrid version of school, putting themselves at risk going into gym, and, oh, possibly being exposed to the virus.

Here is Yampage’s list of the top three challenges of virtual physical education.

  1. Last March, many gym teachers chose to make students log their workouts on an activity sheet. 10th grader, Jasmine Ho, was told by a gym teacher at JD High School, that her walk from her bedroom to the kitchen was not acceptable and did not count as a “workout”. “I was so incredibly angry,” Ms. Ho said. “I mean, so what if my fitbit thinks that I’m dead, I dragged myself out of my cozy warm bed to get my Cap’n Crunch.” 
  1. Our friends won’t be there! For introverts, it’s no sweat, but for all the extroverts out there, this is like the apocalypse. 
  1. Finally, Zoom meetings are extremely awkward as it is, but now having to WORKOUT on Zoom gives me chills. Imagine doing burpees and mid push up your sister walks out of the shower! Ahhhhh, scandalous!
Karletta Higgins
Born in 1987, Karletta Higgins is a convicted forger, and soap carving enthusiast. Karletta was arrested in 2000 when she attempted to steal the Declaration of Independence, but accidentally replaced it with the Gettysburg Address and signed her name at the bottom. When in prison she taught a soap carving class to her fellow inmates. Now she writes for Yampage at Jamesville DeWitt and in her free time attempts painting. So far, she can’t get past stick figures. The best way to reach Karletta is through her parole officer Tara Sandhu Pollock (‘23).