Sibling Send-Offs

“Thank you for being an inspiration and a great big sister, Kaleigh, I’m going to miss you so much next year. You’re my favorite family member!” Jordan Ristau

“Goodbye, Amelia, thanks for being an amazing sister, I love you!” Cora Gilbert

“Bye, Hayley Quack, I’m going to miss talking about the blue shirts with you, and you driving me everywhere. Thank you!” Will Quakenbush

“Hey, Drew, I’m going to miss you next year and making fun of Allie. I’m going to miss dapping you up every day and our car rides to school in the morning. Thank you for getting me into rap, have fun in college next year!” Sydney Balotin

“Bye, Grace, I’m going to miss you driving me places. Love you!” Abby McGuire

“Bye, Jakob, I’m going to miss you. It’s going to be really lonely without you at home. My parents are going to be on my… butt.” Justin Ellithorpe

“Hi, Chris, I’ll miss playing lacrosse with you, and I’m going to miss you looking out for me. Good luck in college, don’t mess up!” Lauren Parker

“Maddie, I’m going to miss you next year when you’re in college. I’m going to miss arguing over clothes and our carpool karaoke and our Target gang gang. Bye!” Sophia Ferris

“Bye, Stella, I’m going to miss your clothes. I love you!” Lucy Heflin

“Bye, Chryssa, I’m going to miss you being able to take the blame for things at home, and now I’m going to have to do everything my parents tell me because I can’t put it on you anymore.” Ari Tzetzis

“Hi, Andrew, I love you. You’re lowkey a little nerdy and kind of annoying sometimes but I’m definitely going to miss you as the only kid in the house. Love you, bye.” Ally Dettor

“Bye, Ella, I’m going to miss you a lot. Good luck next year!” Sarah Kornfeld

“Bye, Kaitlyn, I’m going to miss you because you won’t be in the house and you won’t be able to drive me to school anymore in the morning.” Matt Gera

Maeve Dougherty, '22
Maeve is the sports editor for the RamPage. When she's not writing, you can find her rowing, or jammin' out with her AIRPODS.