New and Improved J-D Day

Tracey Edson and Katie Cappelletti

J-D Day

Jamesville-DeWitt High School is having it’s annual J-D Day on May 25 and it will be a half day experience for the students. For the past couple of years, the attendance has decreased from previous years. In order to make it more exciting for students, Ceramics teacher Mark McIntyre and social studies teacher Megan Mcgee have been making some changes to make it more exciting for students.

The major change is that now it will be a competition, rather than a carnival-type day. The new events will be held inside and outside of the school, weather permitting. The outside events will be a kickball tournament, sidewalk chalk art contest, relay races, cornhole competition, and a pep rally at the end of the day. Inside will be a trivia contest and video games. Points will be kept throughout the day by the staff at J-DHS. For each contest, first place receives 10 points, second place receives seven points, third place receives five points, and fourth place receives three points.

In order to earn these points, the four grades in the high school will have individual teams who will compete in these activities, which will each have three rounds. The teams will compete against their classmates until one team is left from each grade level. Then the freshmen team will play the sophomore team and the junior team will play the senior team. The winners from those two games will compete against each other. Following that game, the winners will compete against a faculty team. The team with the most points at the end of the day will receive their name and class on the base of the trophy, made by Mr. McIntyre.  

While students are competing, they can buy food from various clubs, just like in previous years. “If it’s raining the food will be in the cafeteria, if it’s nice out the food will be outside the new gym,” said Ms. McGee.  Their will be food stands offering various foods for all students to enjoy. The money made at each stand will benefit the individual groups that are selling the food.

In addition to the new events and food, a band will be performing throughout the event. Jordan Berger, who is a social studies teacher at J-DHS, will be performing with the band “Sundrop Rise.” Mr. Blumenthal, the band teacher, is also a part of this band and will be contributing to the performance as well.  

Typically the students would go to the auditorium and watch school Slate videos, but this year students will watch them prior to J-D day in their social studies classes. These videos are created by groups of students in all grades at the school. The multiple groups create these videos to show off their group members, each member’s skills, and how each will contribute to improving J-DHS. The hope is that students will take a survey in homeroom to vote for which slate they think is the best.

This year at J-D day there will be many opportunities for students to participate in various activities. With the new events, food, and music, the staff at J-DHS is hoping students will join in the fun and stay for the day. “We’re hoping the new format with having kids come back and vote (for the slates) later in the day, and having a pep rally at the end of the day as well, will get kids excited and stay,” said Ms. McGee.

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