Charity Basketball Game

Johnny Keib

Staff Writer

The annual charity basketball game between the Jamesville-DeWitt School District staff and the staff of CNY Central will be on April 7. Proceeds from the game will be donated to two charities: Clear Path For Veterans and Shamrock Animal Fund. Last year the J-D staff dominated the CNY Central staff. “They do not stand a chance, we smoked them last year,” said Varsity Boys Basketball Head Coach Jeff Ike, who will be playing again.

Students are encouraged to attend the game which begins at 6 p.m. Tip-off will be at 7 p.m. While the game is free, fans are encouraged to donate $5 for the charies at the door. The concession stand will be open along with flags being sold in honor of the veterans. Last year, there was a big crowd of students there to see their favorite teachers play. Several students also plan on attending this year. “I will 100 percent, most definitely be there,” said junior Pat Murad.

Murad would also say that he thinks track coach and player Juan Martinez will have a great jumpshot. Several other people, like sophomore Connor Durkin, are also excited to see what Martinez has to offer. “I’m excited to see Mr. Martinez.” Other high school teachers include social studies Dave Bunyan and math teacher Mike Klemperer. Middle school teachers include gym teachers Paul Valentino and Ryan Dera along with sixth grade teacher Andrew Starowicz and social studies teacher John Barlow. Elementary school teachers include Peter Reyes and Josh Swanson.

All of the teachers have confidence in their game, but none more so than Coach Ike. This is surprising considering his lackluster performance last year. “I did not perform well last year,” said Coach Ike, (but) “I’m in better shape this year, I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight.” Ike sees himself as the LeBron of the J-D staff basketball team. “I play all the positions.” The teachers that will be participating are from all schools in the district.

The charity basketball is a great place to have a good time and raise money for a good cause. So try and make it out to raise some money for a good cause and support your teachers.


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