March Spirit Week

Momo LaClair and Paige Stepanian

Staff Writers/ Photographers

March Madness is upon us, and Corporate Communications is ready to kick off the fun and games here at Jamesville-DeWitt High School.

To start it all off, Spirit Week will be Monday, March 12 through Friday, March 16. Pajama day will be Monday, then Tourist Day on Tuesday. Wacky Wednesday will follow, then College/Jersey Day on Thursday, and on Friday students are encouraged to wear green for St. Patrick’s Day. On Tuesday, students can wear hawaiian shirts, sunglasses, or any other vacation themed outfits. On Wacky Wednesday, try and wear your craziest clothes.

March Madness is not only encouraging individual students to have some fun, but homerooms are getting involved as well. Each homeroom will be able to decorate their door for a team that they select. In order to select a team, each homeroom must raise $2, and send a representative from the homeroom to Four Corners to pick one from a hat. Two prizes will be awarded; one for best door and one for the homeroom whose team wins the tournament.

Starting Monday, March 12 students can donate $2 to participate in the Bracket Challenge. Each student will get a bracket to fill out but they must return it by noon on Thursday, March 15 to Ms. Eaton, Ms. Gallivan, or a Corporate Communications student. Each week top leaders will be listed on the TVs at Four Corners.

Green bagels and donuts will be available for purchase in the Main Entrance before school on Friday, March 16 for $2 per bagel and $1 per donut.

All proceeds will be donated to charity!

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