Record Breaking J-DHS Diver is Flying High Into the Future

Mia Potamianos, Jamie Boeheim, Scottie/B.T. O’Bryan

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Senior Ryan Evans finished off his final high school diving career by meeting one of his personal goals as well as breaking a school record. Evans started his diving career in seventh grade for the Jamesville- Dewitt Middle School Modified Swim team. Before that, he started swimming at the Drumlins Country Club team at seven years old. His interest in diving began early in life when he found cliff jumping and bridge jumping at his camp “thrilling and exciting.”  

In high school diving, the athlete needs to be able to do a Six and an Eleven Dive. A Six Dive means that the divers are at a meet with swimmers and have to do six different dives.  On the other hand, an eleven dive meet is when there are only divers at a meet but multiple schools and all divers compete 11 dives. Evans said he is better at the Eleven Dive competition, however he holds the record for the school for the six dive competition with a combined score of 297.6 on the six dive competition. Unlike swimming where all you need is a pool, there are not many diving boards for open practice in Central New York. So Evans said he is limited to only practicing during the two hours a day during school practice, six days a week. Evans stays in shape year round by working out and playing lacrosse for school.

Evans first year going to states was his junior year but he only made it to the first of three rounds.  “A big thing I strived to do (this year) was to make it to the second round in states, and I was able to,” said Evans. Not only did he get to the second round, but he made the finals for the first time in his career, placing 18th overall. Evans said he’s going to miss the team environment the most and “messing around” before and after practice with teammates. After such a successful season, Evans now hopes to continue his diving career in college. A few college coaches have shown interest in his abilities and he is currently in the process of deciding on where he will be getting his feet wet come fall.  

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