Semi-formal Dance Was (Semi) Late This Year

Michael Bratslavsky, Lucas Bort, Reinaldo Colon

Staff Writers


The best place to spend the night of March 3 was the annual Jamesville-DeWitt High School semi-formal, where there was music, lights, and dancing. After being postponed earlier this year due to snowy weather, semi had to be rescheduled to early March. Even in March, attendance was still affected since many sports teams had games that weekend and there was a snow day the previous day. However, the students that went still had fun with friends.

“I hung out with my friends, danced, and had a good time,” said sophomore Eva Wisniewski. Freshman Marshall Withers also said that he danced a lot and enjoyed it. Sophomore Logan Wing said that they started a mosh pit and were fist pumping.

Although the original semi was postponed due to snow storms, there was still a good turnout at the dance. “Since (semi) was later (in the year), I think more people became aware of it,” said Wisniewski. Sophomore Kaleel Boykins agrees with Wisniewski; there were more people because there was more time for people to think about going or find out more information about the dance.

Although the turnout of around 130 students was good, senior class officer Somil Aggarwal still wanted more students to attend. “Less Fortnite, more people gotta go,” said Aggarwal. Part of the reason some people did not go was because of weather the day before. “It probably decreased the attendance because with the snow day, less people could sign up the day before,” said Boykins. Also, Wing said that some people did not attend the dance due to the girls basketball team playing in the sectional championship that night.  

This year there were many different comments on the music choice. Freshmen Caitlin McMahon said she thought some of the music was strange. Freshman Audrey Norden agreed and that they need a better variety of songs and not the same ones at every dance.  However, senior Elizabeth Sabatino said that she liked the music this year. “I think they really played a nice variety of music, which definitely helped, like more fun dance songs than they have the last three years.”

Semi raised $1,350. The dance was sponsored by the senior class officers and the J-DHS club, Bust-a-Move. The money raised from the ticket sales was distributed between them. The senior class is using their earnings for setting up their senior ball. Junior Mia Antonucci, an active member of Bust a Move, said that the money they raised went to a local breast cancer organization which makes care baskets for women taking chemotherapy.


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