Senior Spotlight: Girls Basketball

Meghan Evans, Zoe Potamianos, and Mara Durkin

Staff Writers

Senior co-captains Jamie Boeheim, Kasey Vaughan, and Meg Hair are wrapping up their final varsity girls basketball season for Jamesville-DeWitt High School. The three girls have been playing together since sixth grade and it will be a drastic change for these girls next year, when they will go their separate ways to college.

So far, the team is 12-2 but are 7-0 in league games.The two losses came from the tournament they played in New York City on Jan. 13 and 14, and one was from their biggest rival, Averill Park High School, who they hope to play again at regionals. Since their two losses are against very hard (non league) teams, they have a good chance of making it to sectionals and states.

The senior co-captains have personal and team goals for this season. As a team, they want to win states for the third year in a row and take home the title. Hair’s goal was to break the varsity girls basketball scoring record, and was 41 points away as of Jan. 17. Only three days later, on Jan. 20, Hair accomplished her goal of breaking J-DHS’s 1986 graduate Amy LaCombe’s previous record of 1,531 points.

They will remember their accomplishments and miss their teammates as they head off to college. “I will definitely miss playing with Meg and Jamie as we have been playing together forever,” said Vaughan, who will also miss the team chemistry. The girls will miss the coaches that have taught them how to develop as persons and players on and off the court.

They started playing basketball when they were in elementary school. “I was in fourth grade when I began playing basketball. I really liked the fast pace of the game and how you have to work as a team to win”, said Hair. Boeheim, being in a family that revolves around basketball, was in kindergarten when she started playing the game. Vaughan started her basketball journey in second grade. “I have to thank my dad for helping me fall in love with the sport by putting me on the court young,” said Vaughan. These three ladies have gotten closer and closer over the years and splitting up for the first time will be a milestone in their lives.  

Not only will they have a hard time leaving each other and the team, their teammates will miss them, too. “They bring excitement and energy and are great role models for us underclassmen,” said sophomore Gabby Stickle. “I’ll miss the laughter and all the fun we’ve had in these past years,” said sophomore Paige Keeler. “They make it so much more fun to play,” said sophomore Andrea Sumida, who will personally miss each senior when they go off to college. There is no doubt that the team will change once the seniors leave, but they’re off to bigger and better things.  

The girls keep playing and getting better because they have role models that they look up to. Hair’s personal role model growing up was Rajon Rondo because she liked how he moved the ball on offense. Boeheim’s role model is Breanna Stewart because she is a local player, and Boeheim thinks it is “cool seeing someone who grew up so close to you” be so successful. Vaughan’s role model in basketball is Kobe Bryant, because she just loved watching him play.

College will be a big change for these basketball stars. Boeheim will be playing college basketball at University of Rochester. Hair will also play basketball at University of Pennsylvania. “I am so excited, even though it will be different and more difficult, it’s a new adventure I am looking forward to,” says Hair. Vaughan is undecided about where she’ll go to college at the moment but hopes to continue playing.


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