The Positivity Project Turns Up The Teamwork

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Teamwork is a key character trait practiced in the classroom and on the sports teams at Jamesville-Dewitt High School. “When we have teamwork, good things happen, and we want good things to happen,” said senior football captain, Kelvin Huynh.

Teamwork is shown through each team working together in their own way to achieve a goal. Senior swim captain, Chryssanthi Tzetis described teamwork as “trying to achieve success as a team and not individually.” Senior volleyball captain Liam Kaplan added how he and his teammates “definitely work more towards winning as a group than personal stats.”

Teamwork is important to achieving success, but the traditions and bonds of a team play a big role, too. “Our traditions are what bring us together and help us win as a team,”  said senior boys cross country captain Alan Gao. Gao explained their tradition of a stick that the team found during the season. “We found a stick, and this stick is very special to our hearts. At first we thought we lost him, then he walked himself back into our lives after we lost to Central Square and we have been undefeated ever since.”

Though teamwork is a big part of sports, that is not the only place it is demonstrated at J-DHS. Teamwork is also shown in the classrooms. The Corporate Communications class at J-DHS is a half year, senior elective, business class run by English teachers, Mrs. Eaton and Mrs. Gallivan. The class does not focus strictly on academics but focuses more on reading writing, speaking and group work. “Teamwork is a part of life…they have to learn to work together whether they’re friends or not,” said Mrs. Eaton. “Teamwork means not only being able to work with others but to actually listen to them and to let go of what just you are wanting,” she continued. Teamwork is a group effort, as the Positivity Project claims, and it is shown in all aspects of J-DHS.

Georgie Paparo, '22
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