The Positivity Project Brings Perspective to J-DHS

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Jakaija Ware

Staff Writer

Here at Jamesville-DeWitt High School, many students and teachers are not afraid to put themselves in another person’s shoes. They understand the importance of looking at a situation from all angles before rushing to judgment.

J-DHS social worker Will Hartley often uses the ability to look at a situation from a different perspective. Every day, he puts himself in a student’s situation and really thinks about what it would be like if he actually was that specific student. “I think you sort’ve figure it out, as you go through life. You just realize that everybody has something going on, and it doesn’t make sense to be judgmental.  It doesn’t serve a purpose,” said Mr. Hartley.

Many J-D students have put themselves in the shoes of another person. Senior Escince Hines says that, to her, “perspective is the way you look at things.” She uses perspective very often: “I try to think about how other people would feel.” As a captain on the cheer team, Escince uses perspective often to be a good teammate and leader.

Sophomore Hayden Gladle says that, to him, perspective is “the way you look at things– everybody has a different perspective.” To Gladle, perspective and empathy go hand in hand. He tries to take time to understand how certain things make people feel the way they do and why they feel that way.

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