October Club Update

Janis McPeak

Staff Writer

Take Time to Breathe and Smile With The Happiness Club

Happiness club has had more interest from students in the 2018-19 school year than in the past years. The club’s main goal is to help students manage stress and overall improve their mental health. Painting rocks, hiking and yoga are some of activities taken place during the club’s meetings.

The Power of Unity — Girl Up

Since starting in 2015, Girl Up teaches girls about the reality of gender inequality around the world. The club creates fundraisers for the Girl Up foundation, sends letters about girls rights to representatives and keeps up to date with what is currently happening in the Girl Up community. “Girl Up gives a very worldly perspective of what other people are going through,” said senior Chloe Butler.

Making a Difference, One Dance at a Time with Bust-a-Move

“Bust a Move is basically a play on words,” said senior Mia Antonucci. The club donates the proceeds of many dances including the semi-formal to a breast cancer foundation. The meetings consist of planning out roles and tasks for each member in order to benefit the foundation. “The club teaches leadership and gives leadership opportunities because everyone in the club has a big role and responsibility,” said senior Chloe Loewenguth.

Key Club’s Keys To Volunteering

Key club shows students how they can impact their local community by volunteering and raising money. This includes bake sales, collecting money for UNICEF and volunteering at places like the Samaritan Center or the Ronald McDonald House of Charities. “We want to show students the importance of community service and how it can be a fun thing,” said senior Ana Dieroff.

Spreading Culture Awareness with French Club

“Our goal is to encourage the spread of french culture and language through various culture activities,” said senior Sofia Liaw. Playing games, listening to French music and talking about seasonal French events and holidays are some of the ways their goal is achieved. The club also takes a trip to Québec City, Canada where students engage in a new environment and culture.

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