New Ninth Graders Fit Right In

Jamesville-DeWitt High School has done a great job of welcoming new freshman students. This year students have entered the halls of the high school from not only the middle school but from being homeschooled and from as far away as Russia. These new students had to find where they belonged at J-DHS. With the help of students and staff, the new ninth graders feel very accepted at the high school. “The people here are very nice and welcoming and that’s pretty cool,” said Emma Velardi.

The new freshmen all have different impressions about coming to J-DHS. Brianna Fay is thrilled for the upcoming years. At first she was terrified to come to this school environment because she was homeschooled previously. ”I’m just excited to try something new” says Brianna Fay. Although it is very different, she has found a way to get used to it.

Jonathan Lyndaker on the other hand was confident from the start about coming to a new
school from a school not too far away. Although he is a new 9th grade student, it is his 3rd time moving. Jonathon is very hopeful that this year is going to be great.

Gregory Burenin comes to J-DHS all the way from Russia. He has spent half of his life going between Russia and the United States. He has been to school in the United States and Russia, and was also homeschooled at one point. Gregory says that it is hard to come to a new place all the way across the world.

Emma Velardi moved here from Connecticut at the end of August. “I was really sad to leave my friends and my old home, but I knew the academic system here was good, and that’s why my parents chose to move to this area.”  She has felt very accepted at this school. “Everybody’s being super nice, just letting me sit with them, and hanging out with them in class,” she said.

J-DHS is a place where people can come from all different places and be accepted in a community. While the new freshmen all had different degrees of confidence in the beginning, they have settled in nicely to Jamesville-DeWitt.

Macy Militi, '22
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