J-DHS Students Get Curious

Anna Doughty

Staff Writer

Curiosity is the strong desire to learn something new. The Positivity Project includes curiosity as a key character trait to building a positive outlook and school culture.

“Curiosity has everything to do with education.” says Ms. Panek, the librarian at J-DHS. If students are curious about something, they want to learn more about it, and learning is education’s goal. “I think it’s really important to show students that you’re not just learning to pass a test or getting into college, that you’re finding things so you can have your own interests and hobbies,” said science teacher Mr. Adler. What this means is that students can be distracted by the idea of a limited, boxed-in education when, in actuality, education can do so much more if students engage their curiosity.

Sometimes students need helpful resources to guide their curiosity. “Adults are experts in their subject area.” said Ms. Panek. She strongly believes students should reach out and talk to the faculty here at J-DHS regarding their curiosity. “Communicating and being a good listener is always important when learning new things,” said Mr Adler. He strongly that students should go outside their boundaries to learn something new and positive.

“The Positivity Project is trying to express that people who are different aren’t bad. They may not be great, but they could be interesting people, and so curiosity is great to have. Someone may seem different but you may be similarly curious,” said Mr. Adler. The Positivity Project wants to bring people together, and that is exactly what curiosity can do. It expands perceptions and connects people in new and exciting ways.

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