J-DHS Learns the Power of Integrity

The Positivity Project defines integrity as “being honest and speaking the truth while presenting yourself in a genuine and sincere manner.” People with a strong characteristic of integrity tell the truth and have the ability to control their thoughts, feelings, and behavior. They are described as honest, authentic, and trustworthy.

Integrity is vital for growth and helps individuals to embrace hard work and achieve their goals. “Being able to make the right decisions in situations even if it is the harder choice shows integrity,” says Jamesville-DeWitt High School guidance counselor Amy LeStrange. Integrity is also a base for teamwork, organization, and a positive society. People with integrity are more likely to be trusted by others and achieve their own goals because they are honest and real.

Integrity contributes to a positive working and learning environment at Jamesville-DeWitt High School.

Integrity contributes to a positive working and learning environment at Jamesville-DeWitt High School. “It is important to have integrity in school because when your teachers, friends, and yourself have integrity, it makes for a better community,” says Jamesville-DeWitt High School social worker William Hartley. Many adults just like Hartley feel that having integrity helps students grow. Hartley also explained, “Integrity isn’t something you see in the halls or the first time you meet someone. Once you get to know them and learn about who they are the characteristic shines through.”

Students at Jamesville-DeWitt High School also feel that integrity helps them make the right decisions and leads them to success. Freshman Isabella Essi said, “I feel having the characteristic of integrity helps me to be honest with myself, my teachers, and my classmates. It also helps me to be a better person and be there for anyone who needs me.” Integrity is a trait that people can portray now, but also in the future. Sophomore Madi Ancone added, “Integrity will definitely help in the future, from work to relationships. It will also help me to make the right decisions in the future. “

People with integrity can decipher what is right and wrong and are true to themselves and everyone around them. These people help teach others how to act in a honest and truthful manner. Integrity is a very important characteristic in the Positivity Project and can help many people achieve their goals and lead them to success.

Miriam Zoghby, '22
Miriam Zoghby is a Freshman at Jamesville DeWitt High School. Miriam is a staff writer for the JD RamPage. She enjoys playing softball and basketball, along with hanging out with friends.