Freshmen Familiarize To Their New Environment

Shiela Phoha

Staff Writer

Many can agree that the change from Jamesville-DeWitt Middle School to Jamesville-DeWitt High School is difficult. The school is bigger, there are more people, and the work is harder. People react to change differently than others. Some prefer the new environment and others resent going to school everyday. When Jamesville-DeWitt High School freshmen got interviewed, they told how they’re adjusting to the big change.

A majority of the freshman say they like high school a lot more than middle school. Many say the biggest difference between the middle school and high school is the block scheduling and the 80 minute periods. When asked about how he deals with the long classes, DeMarco Lopez says, “I try keeping myself distracted because most classes can be boring.” Freshman Class President Josh Aitken says, “I always do my homework the night that I get it,” when asked about how he adjusted to the block scheduling.

Throughout high school, many freshmen hope to keep their grades up to their standards and achieve other academic awards. Kate Dorazio says, “I hope to be a club president someday and I hope to get all A’s by the end of my senior year.” When asked about his goals, Evan Jaglal says, “Mainly keeping…98+ average. I’m also doing creative writing as an elective so I was hoping to earn a key or an honorable mention in the Scholastic Competition or any other writing competition.” To get good grades, one has to work hard for them, and sometimes that’s not easy. For Gregory Burenin, a transfer from Russia, his aid said his biggest challenge will be to learn English, because of how fast the switch from Russian to English is. Students know the work is tough and starts to counts now, so many stay after school when they need help from their teachers.

All of our J-D students are highly motivated and have many hopes and aspirations. Kira Pawletko and DeMarco Lopez say they may want to pursue a professional music career. Kate Dorazio and Luke Renaud are very serious about sports and are looking to continue throughout college and hopefully play professionally. When asked about if plans for the future have changed since coming to highschool, Bobby Diel says, “Since I’m taking DDP I’ve been really interested in a career in engineering now and I never thought that I’d like it that much.” Claire Huyck agreed with Bobby; she said, “I’m taking AP Computer Science and it’s kind of the same thing. I’m finding that I…like it when I didn’t think I would.”

Overall, the freshmen are liking the high school a lot more than middle school. Of course, there are some things that they need to adjust to, which is expected with a big change. High school can be a scary place, but most ninth graders are looking forward to the rest of high school.

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