Positively Creative: How creativity impacts us

Creativity is something people cannot live without and makes them unique. This trait saves lives, helps people to come up with ways to make tools that protect them, and build sturdy shelter that gives them more survivability. Creativity also adds zest to their lives, by allowing themselves new, fun activities all just by them using their brains to make something new.

There are many examples of creativity in the everyday lives of students. New, hip dances; rockets; songs; clothing ideas; Fortnite; and other popular trends are all from the form of creativity. At Jamesville-DeWitt High School, students and staff utilize creativity throughout their days. Creativity is displayed in the arts, sports, assignments, and programs at J-D.

“I love the arts here. We have an outstanding program here in J-D… I think creativity is the key to bringing an organization alive,” said Principal Paul Gasparini. J-DHS studio art teacher, Jacob Brodsky, found creativity to be one of his top five character traits. “Creativity is a very complicated thing, and is not something that emerges out of nowhere,”said Mr. Brodsky.

J-D students also demonstrate creativity. “I think creativity should be influenced in every class, and used throughout the day… I feel creativity fuels me throughout the day,” said freshman E.J. Crabbe. “,” resumed Crabbe.  “I think it’s powerful and it can go a long way,” said junior Sydney Baker.

Creativity is full of opportunities for all to enjoy. From implementing it into the arts programs the students do, to improvising in a project when the guide was lost, or even in the sports field when the other team knows your strategy. Creativity is influential and prevalent in J-DHS which creates a unique environment, making it positively creative.

Charlie Miller, '22
Hi, this is Charlie Miller. You may know me through the hallways and through talking. I love mostly just drawing and becoming absorbed in music. Oh, and video games. Lots of those! I also, of course, write for the RamPage, mostly working on the Video Game Review columns, and doing some other fun articles on the way.