New Junior and Senior Red Rams Are Off to a Positive Start

Jamesville-DeWitt High School has done a great job helping new students from other schools feel welcome. This year, five new juniors and seniors have joined the J-DHS community. These new Red Rams agree that the other students and staff at J-D have made them feel like they have support and are not alone. “The teachers have been very nice to me,” junior Jeffrey Winwah from P-Tech said.

Winwah is one of the five students that is now a Red Ram. Prior to going to J-D, he went to P-Tech Syracuse. Winwah said the most positive thing that has happened for him at J-D is meeting the other students and having really nice teachers to help him.

Senior Kyra Filighera is also a new student at J-DHS who previously attended Westhill High School. Filighera agrees that J-DHS has a very welcoming community. “Kids were coming up to me and trying to get to know me,” Filighera said, while describing how Westhill and Jamesville-Dewitt differ.

Senior Meghan Pilger went to Carthage previously and also agrees that J-DHS is a very welcoming and positive school. Pilger explained that joining the J-DHS Varsity Volleyball team was the most positive thing that has happened to her so far at J-D. The players have made it easy for her to feel like active member of the team.

Andrew Goldberg used to attend Christian Brothers Academy and is now a senior at J-DHS. Goldberg, like Winwah, plans to join one of J-DHS’s various clubs.   Goldberg said “meeting new people” is his favorite part of becoming a Red Ram.

Henninger was Daymarc Smith’s school before coming to J-D as a senior. Smith’s favorite part about J-DHS is the students and everyone he has met. He is most impressed with “the positivity they give out.”

All seems to be going well so far for the new juniors and seniors. Moving schools can be tough, but obviously the Jamesville-Dewitt community has given the new students a very warm welcome.

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