School Improvements

Johnny Keib and Tanner Burns

Staff Writers 

Jamesville-DeWitt High School has seen and will be seeing several new improvements to the building.  Some improvements that have already been made are adding more of the environmentally friendly water fountains around the school. The water fountains are meant to reduce the amount of plastic water bottles used because they are meant to fill up reusable water bottles. There has also been a new carpet added in the Main Foyer. Principal Paul Gasparini is pleased with this addition. “It dampens the sound a little bit. Also this time of year, in that hallway the floors can get very slick and when the floor gets slick, I’ve seen more than one kid go down,” said Principal Gasparini.

Even though there have been several improvements already made, there are some still to come after this school year. The auditorium will be renovated by receiving a new paint job and a new sound booth. All the bathrooms around the school are being redone. Currently some of the bathrooms in the school do not meet school standards. The Large Group Room is also being improved. “It kind of looks terrible right now,” said Principal Gasparini, “It will be very beautiful, the whole inside will be changed.” J-DHS has seen improvements over the course of the year and there are still many to come for next year.


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