Boys Dive Into Swim Season

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Brevin Scullion, Parker Cote, Kaleb McCloud


The Jamesville-DeWitt and Christian Brothers Academy Varsity Boys Swim team is 5-1-1 with a loss to Liverpool and a tie to Mexico. Leading the team are senior captains Ryan Evans, Spencer Schultz, and Owen Farchione. “The seniors have done a great job leading the team and have motivated us lower classmen,” said sophomore Hayden Braun. “The seniors push us to be better as an individual and a team,” said junior Liam Kaplan.

JD/CBA’s one loss was a close one to Liverpool: 100-81, with Evans, Schultz and sophomore Lucas Dekaney scoring big points to keep it close. “It was a disappointing lost because we knew we could have won,” said Evans. They also tied against Mexico with Evans and Schultz scoring big again. “I felt disappointed when we tied because it felt like either team won,” said sophomore Logan Roadarmel.

As one of only two sports that combine rival schools, it adds an interesting dynamic to the swim team. “The kids from CBA are fairly good people.” said junior Hunter Ball. “It’s good that kids from CBA are on the swim team because you get to meet a lot of new people,” said Kaplan; “they aren’t as bad as people think.” JD and CBA with have to work together to achieve their goal of being sectional champions.

With regionals and sectionals nearing, the team hopes for a sectional championship. “I am very confident in our teams ability to secure a sectional championship,” said Evans. They have won two sectional championships in the past. “I feel a little pressure because we haven’t won a sectional championship in awhile and we have a good chance of winning this year,” said Roadarmel.

With many key seniors leaving next year, underclassmen will have to step up.

“We have a very young team but I have a lot of faith next year without the help of our seniors,” said Evans. “I think we will do fine and keep improving next year,” said Braun. They will be losing eight seniors for next year’s team. However, many kids currently on the team will be staying and will have even more experience for next year. “I have learned a lot this year and hope to carry my experience over to next year,” said Roadarmel.

With the help of the captains, the younger players are pushed and motivated every practice. The leadership is a key contributor to the recent success the team has had. “I enjoy swim [team] and am looking forward to the rest of the season,” said Braun.

JD/CBA match up against New Hartford on Jan. 30.

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