J-D/CBA Hockey Gears Up for Hockey Night

Francesca Chirco and Everly Kessler

Staff Writers

On Friday, Jan. 12,  the Jamesville-DeWitt/Christian Brothers Academy Varsity Boys Hockey team was scheduled to play against New Hartford for Hockey Night. Unfortunately, due to an approaching winter snow storm, Hockey Night was rescheduled to Feb. 9 and the team will now be playing Oswego.

Each season, one home game is determined as Hockey Night, in which the J-D/CBA students are able to skate with the team after the game. Students always look forward to this event and many were disappointed when the game had to be rescheduled. “I couldn’t have been more upset to have heard that Hockey Night was cancelled. I was really looking forward to watching a great game,” said sophomore Riley LaTray.

Although the team has been off to a rough start, winning only two games, the team continues to persevere in order to end the season on a high note. “The team’s struggling a little to win games, but we’re getting better every day,” said junior Turner Pomeroy. The team is currently 2-8-1, with nine games left to be played.

Head Coach Mike McKie believes in the players and the potential growth of the team.  “We have a very young team and I consider this season as a rebuilding year. I would also say that every game is like a playoff game and we can compete with anyone in the league,” said Coach Mckie.  

Motivation is the key, according to Coach McKie. “We motivate our players with inner-squad competition in preseason and throughout practice during the regular season. When the competition level is high it is easy for the players to be motivated to get better and work to earn a spot in the lineup.”   

In order for the team to succeed, they must act as one and work together, while supporting each other throughout the way. “If we come together to play as one band, one sound we can have a shot at sectionals,” said freshmen Tanner Burns. Fellow J-D players, sophomore Dylan Drury and junior Bailey Doust agree that with hard work and the team’s strong connection, they have ability to make sectionals.

As assistant captain, J-D senior Liam O’Malley has a leadership role on the team which makes him influential among his fellow players. O’Malley is not only able to offer his support to the head captain, CBA senior Tanner Coleman, but he is in the position to motivate and give guidance to the rest of the team.“It is definitely an honor to be one of the captains because CBA hockey has such a great reputation,” said O’Malley.

Although the team is a combination of two rivaling schools, the players know how to work together to put their best skate forward. “For hockey, when we put on the same uniform, we become one,” said O’Malley.

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