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Slate Two member (from left) Luke Smith, Ana Dieroff, Nancy O’Connor, Katie Sullivan, Katie Lutz, Alex Pomeroy, John Bridge, and Joey Armenta.

Despite not even having a full slate on the due date, Slate Two took the win for Jamesville-DeWitt High School Slate on J-D day, Friday, May 26. They managed to put together a “hardworking and loyal” slate.

This slate is made up of juniors John Bridge and Luke Smith who are Co-Presidents and juniors Katie Lutz and Joe Armenta who are Co-Vice Presidents. There are also sophomore Ana Dieroff and Nancy O’Connor who are Co-Directors of Communication. Lastly, there is freshman Alex Pomeroy who is Secretary and Freshmen Katie Sullivan who is Treasurer.

On the due date to turn in the final slates, Slate Two was unaware that some members of their slate had left and started Slate One. The next day they got permission from social studies teacher Meghan McGee to extend the due date and put together a slate in one day. She said that although this situation was somewhat in “gray area” as far as the rules, she and Principal Paul Gasparini both thought the decision was for the best.  “Mr. Gasparini likes to have competition when it comes to who runs for student government,” said Ms. McGee. “He likes the kids to be able to vote. If there wasn’t that second slate the first slate would have run unopposed.”

Slate Two was unaware that some members of their slate had left and started Slate One.

Next year will be Bridge’s third consecutive year serving on the school slate. He and Smith have worked together in the past. On last year’s slate, Bridge was Director of Communications and Smith was Secretary. “We’re working on ideas from both platforms including vending machines, winter pep rally, along with the possible removal of styrofoam trays,” said Bridge. Protecting the environment through removing styrofoam trays from the cafeteria was originally part of Slate One’s platform, but Slate Two is considering implementing it into their own.

“I really want to fulfill both platforms, especially the study hall after school,” said Lutz. “That’s what most students want.” This year, library restrictions for after school use have grown more and more strict. This has caused some upset among student who want a quiet place to work or hang out after school. Slate Two is hoping to loosen these regulations or find an alternative location for students to go. They also are looking into a music festival and improving the school Olympics. “I was very active in that [the Olympics] this year as part of the sophomore class government, so I think that would be a lot of fun to expand,” said O’Connor who is Co-President on the sophomore slate this year.  

Everyone on Slate Two is thrilled by the win.

Everyone on Slate Two is thrilled by the win. “I was really excited because I have lost in the past and it was nice to be on the other side of it,” said Lutz. “I enjoyed student council this year and i want to continue to make a change,” said Smith. Slate Two is planning on having a great school year for the entire student body next year. “I want to see us achieve what other students want to be done,” said Dieroff, “ What people tell us would make the school better.”

Sullivan and Pomeroy are freshmen this year, so this was their first year running.  Both are excited to be a part of the school slate as early as they can be. “I was really surprised,” said Sullivan. “I didn’t think we were going to win because I never win anything.” Pomeroy wants to make sure that the goals set on the platforms actually happen. “ I hope that next year is going to be a great year and that we make student life at J-DHS a lot better,” said Pomeroy.

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