Girl’s Lacrosse Sticks Up to Cancer

The Jamesville-DeWitt Varsity Girl’s lacrosse team hosted the West Genesee Wildcats for a breast cancer awareness game on Wed. May 17. Although this is an out of league game, both teams have come together to raise money for this cause.


Each Red Rams player sold five pink t-shirts to their family and friends to show support for Breast Cancer. The players also bought themselves headbands and socks. Both the headbands and socks were bright pink to go with the theme for the night. Unfortunately, the girls couldn’t wear their white breast cancer t-shirts for the game, but they did wear the other apparel.


The design on the t-shirts was made to honor the Carol Baldwin Foundation. This is the Red Rams’ second year raising money for this foundation, so it is starting to become an annual tradition. This year the team raised around $4,000 for Breast Cancer Awareness from selling the t-shirts and from donations that were made at the game.


This game was special for the Red Rams because of the cause they are supporting, but also because of the seniors. “It was a really special night for the seniors even though it wasn’t senior night because it was their last regular season game on the J-D field,” said senior Lizzie O’Brien.  


The Red Rams lost to the Wildcats, who are the number one team in the state and are ranked 25th nationally in a 11-9 deficit. They then went on to defeat Whitesboro on Thursday May 25. and will face Carthage on Tuesday May 30. at 7 p.m.


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