J-D Day is on the Horizon

Alex Pomeroy and Connor Ball

Staff Writers

Heading down the final stretch of the school year, J-D students will be coming together to celebrate their hard work and all they have achieved this school year. On May 26, students will be dismissed early from classes and will be met with endless amounts of food and activities for the rest of the day at J-D Day.


Making this all possible is the this school year’s school slate, led by seniors Jake Risavi and Liv Behan. On this day, the two seniors have many plans. “We are going to have a lot of outdoor activities as we do every year, kickball games, a dunk tank and food that clubs set up,” said Risavi. Behan adds that they are returning the talent show on J-D day which was absent last year due to the beloved RamJam.


As always, along with the immense amount of outdoor activities, students will be voting on the school slate, after seeing running slates debate. “Campaign videos and will be shown in social studies classes and then on J-D Day there will be a debate between the two slates,” said Behan. She also adds there will be a table set up so the students can vote on a slate.


For freshmen and students who haven’t experienced J-D Day, older students have suggestions on how to spend your time. Junior Mary Austin recommends the sno-cones by the athletic loop, as she describes them as, “Sooo good.” Other students like spending time going through their yearbooks and getting signatures while everyone is together. If you’re trying to play some basketball, join sophomore Nolan Giblin, who plans on playing with his friends during J-D Day.


Many students, like Giblin, say the best part of J-D Day is missing school and being away from all the work. In opposition Behan says, “It comes before finals so it’s a day that everyone can relax and not have to do too much school work because all the classes are shortened.” In agreement Risavi says, “It’s a celebration of the end of the year and how great everything has gone for all of the students.”


For some students, this J-D Day means even more. Both Behan and Risavi have been planning J-D Day for many years and will have to say goodbye. “It means a lot. I wanted it to really be good because I think it’s very important to leave a lasting impact on the school,” said Risavi. Behan, who has been part of the planning for three years, finds it devastating because J-D Day is where the whole experience on slate started for her and this will be her last.


Have a great time at J-D Day!

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