J-D F-M Day Takes a Hit from Weather

Ali Durkin and Jillian Risavi

Assistant Producers

Beginning the tradition in the spring of 2016, the Jamesville-DeWitt and Fayetteville-Manlius high school spring sports participate in a day-long competition for a championship cup. This year, the games were played at F-MHS, unlike the previous 2016 games, which were played at J-DHS on May 6.

Though the weather did cause a bit of a setback for the annual competition, the games did go on. In the previous year, the weather was bright and warm, setting up a perfect day for spectators to come watch their favorite spring sports. This 2017 year was less fortunate, as the weather was dark and gloomy. There were continuous rain showers throughout the day, however, the feeling of competition still was thriving on the field and in the stands. “Everyone was saying that it was going to be a really good game so my friends and I decided that it was worth it,” said junior Meg Hair, who went to the varsity lacrosse games despite the bad weather.

Every year the J-D F-M championship cup is awarded to the school who wins the most games throughout the day, including both varsity and junior varsity sports. The participating sports were lacrosse, baseball and softball, but unfortunately due to bad weather, both JV and varsity softball and baseball games were cancelled, so the winning of the cup fell on the lacrosse teams this year. Both the baseball teams and the softball teams were extremely disappointed after hearing their games were cancelled. “Last time we played them was really exciting since they had a lot of good talent on their team,” said senior baseball co-captain Matt Cappelletti, remembering their win from last season. “It really is too bad that the games aren’t being rescheduled,” said junior softball player Mary Austin, “We were ready to play.”

The J-D varsity boys lacrosse team finished with a win, 14-8, avenging last season’s J-D F-M Day, when they had a heartbreaking loss of 12-11. “F-M was overlooking us from the start, we came in prepared and focused,” said senior goalie Bennett Chirco. J-D Varsity Girls lacrosse fell to the F-M Hornets 16-9, as did the Junior Varsity Girls lacrosse team who lost 13-8. “F-M was a very solid team, but we definitely could have played better as a unit, and taken better shots,” said senior Bess Murad. The Junior Varsity Boys lacrosse team won against the F-M hornets 16-9 leaving both schools tied this year.


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