Science Olympiad Caps Off A Successful Year

Jenna Vespi and Mia Potamianos

Staff Writers

On March 13 and 14, Jamesville-DeWitt High School’s Science Olympiad Team advanced to the Science Olympiad state championships held at Le Moyne College. At the competition,  15 students put their science knowledge to the test in 25 different events, ranging from written tests about anatomy to building events like towers and helicopters.

After a successful season placing third place at regionals, the J-DHS students who were selected for states went into the state competition with high hopes. Senior Dan Thompson strived for the team to place in the top 10 this year, after placing 19th last year.

Unfortunately, the team did not do as well as they wished, placing 25th out of 54 schools. “It was a bit disappointing, because our team set a goal to get top eight,” said junior David Chen. The two events that Chen participated in, helicopters and towers, were the team’s most successful events. “It wasn’t our best year ever, but it still was pretty good,” said junior Haley Morgan.

Looking to the future, the J-DHS Science Olympiad team continues to be optimistic as they prep to make next season even better.  

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