Charity Basketball Challenge at J-DHS

Marissia Potamianos and Jamie Boeheim

Assistant Editor of Promotion and Staff Writer

On Friday, March 3 at 7:30 p.m., the Jamesville-DeWitt staff is taking their talents to the court for a charity basketball game at Jamesville-DeWitt High School. Teachers and staff from all over the school district have decided to play against Niko Tamurian and his team at CNY Central. The two teams will be splitting the proceeds that this event makes. The news station will be donating money to The Shamrock Fund Animal Shelter, and J-D’s half will be donated to the Central New York Society for Autism in rememberance of Shawna Marzella, a beloved booster-club leader and teaching assistant who passed away of a heart attack earlier this school year.

Mr. Tamurian presented Athletic Director John Goodson with this opportunity and “the timing was right.” Mr. Goodson jumped on the idea of holding this charity game because it was a “natural” way to commemorate Mrs. Marzella’s involvement in the J-D booster club. The staff and players of the team support the decision to hold this game. Freshman basketball coach and social studies teacher Andrew Cottet is participating because “it’s a good cause and something fun to help out with.”

As for the roster, there are several talented and athletic teachers from J-DHS that landed a spot on the team, such as English teacher Courtney Romeiser, who played Division I basketball at Marquette University and student counselor Denise Becher, who played Division I basketball at Pittsburgh University. Both of these teachers have also had experience coaching college teams. Physical Education teacher and Varsity Boys Basketball Head Coach Jeff Ike said he will bring a lot to the team. “I will bring intensity, I am a straight up baller and am probably the best shooter in the school,” said Coach Ike. When talking about social studies teacher David Bunyan who is also participating, Coach Ike added, “Mr. Bunyan is a good player that no one knows about and is good around the hoop.” Ms. Romeiser said she will bring enthusiasm to the team and game because she has always loved and still loves the game of basketball, and isn’t afraid to shoot the ball. Ms. Becher said that her coaching experience will come out while playing in the game so she will be offering lots of pointers to the team. On the other hand, ADAPP counselor Will Hartley played Division I lacrosse and doesn’t have much experience playing basketball, but said he is going to bring energy to the team.

The staff is very excited to join together and play a game of basketball. Ms. Romeiser and Ms. Becher are extremely eager to play together because they’ve played together before and they have “great chemistry” on the court. Students are equally as excited and say that they’re looking forward to watching their teachers. “I want to see Romeiser play. She always talks about her years as a player and I want to see her ball-out,” said junior Nico Modesti.

As of right now, Mr. Goodson doesn’t know if there will be uniforms for the team or if they will practice before the big game but regardless, the J-D team will bring their A game. The talented team will not go down without a fight. Mr. Tamurian and his team “do not have a shot,” said Coach Ike.

Make sure you go out on March 3 to the Main Gym to cheer on the J-D faculty while supporting a great cause. There are no tickets, but there is a suggested donation of $1-3.

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