J-DHS Holiday Spirit Wear Sale

Steven Baker and Tarky Lombardi

Staff Writers

The holiday season is here and for those of you looking for gifts, the Corporate Communications classes are having a Spirit Wear Sale. The sale includes long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, a quarter zip sweatshirt, and a winter hat. “ The Corporate Comm. students came up with the idea for the hat because “it’s fun, it’s winter, it’s Syracuse,” said Terri Eaton, one of the  Corporate Communications teachers. It took a lot of trial and error among the Corporate Communication classes to come up with the final designs.

Although, it’s unknown where the proceeds of the Spirit Wear Sale are going yet, Corporate Communications will give it to a good cause. Most J-DHS student athletes buy their JD apparel through the sports they play.“It’s hard for kids that aren’t involved in sports to buy JD clothing and this sale gives them an opportunity to buy some,” said Mrs. Eaton.  Make sure to show your school spirit by purchasing something from the Spirit Wear sale. See Mrs. Eaton or Kristin Gallivan for an order form or visit https://stores.inksoft.com/jdrams.

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