Girls Volleyball Caps Off Their Season

Michael, Julian, and Harland

Staff Writers

The Jamesville-DeWitt High School Varsity Girls Volleyball team finished their season by making it all the way to the sectional finals for the third year in a row. Unfortunately, they fell to their toughest opponent, the Oswego Buccaneers, by a score of 3-2 on Nov. 4.

The team had a solid year, even though they lost a couple of key seniors which meant they had to work extra hard to maintain a good record. “It was a struggle in keeping everyone on the same page in terms a new lineup,” said senior Amy Shen.

The seniors had a larger role to play because of their younger teammates, and had to work extra hard to figure out the different skills of the new players and incorporate them. Their strong leadership helped the younger players improve and become better at the sport. “I know a lot more because of them,” said junior Kaitlyn Gera.

Even though they lost in the sectional finals, they still had a memorable year. The team got closer together throughout the course of the season, through “‘team bonding exercises,’” said Shen. Sophomore Alexis LeClair said the team loved “getting warmed up in the locker room, getting hyped up” before games.

Since next year’s team will have more returning players, the team bond will still be strong. There were many words of wisdom from the veterans on the team who all hope the team succeeds next year, even though they won’t be part of it. “Good luck, and be friends,” said Shen. Gera, who will be a returning senior, wants next year’s players players to “‘work hard and never give up.”

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