Welcoming New Students to the J-D Community

Lucas Bort and Reinaldo Colon                                            

Staff Writers

With the new year already nine weeks in, over 30 new students are getting used to calling Jamesville-DeWitt their district.  All of the students interviewed agreed that J-DHS has been very welcoming. 

Freshman Nasir Reynold says that he likes it here at J-DHS and that “it is really cool here.” Freshman Preston Shumpert says that he likes the longer classes and thinks that the teachers are nicer than those at his old school, Christian Brother Academy. His older brother, sophomore Payton Shumpert, agrees; “being here at J-DHS has been a good experience and there are a lot of nice people and teachers.”   

The students interviewed said that they have found it easy to find their classes already and can find their way around the school. Preston Shumpert also said that “J-DHS has been pretty easy so far.”  Junior Jordyn Hatch agrees that it has been easier than expected to find her classes and that J-DHS is better than most of her past schools.  

A lot of the new students said that they like J-DHS more than their past schools.  Payton Shumpert said that he likes the block scheduling here at J-DHS because “it gives you more time to do your work and get  stuff done.” Sophomore Jada Robinson, who came from Nottingham High School, said that “the students and teachers here are nicer and more welcoming.”  Sophomore Sofia Assuncao said that “J-DHS is a lot bigger and has a lot more students” than her past school in Brazil.  Hatch says that J-DHS is better academically and socially than her past school, General Brown.

Some of the students are also starting to get involved with J-DHS sports and extracurricular activities. Sophomore Annely Petz, who is an exchange student, played on the girls JV soccer team this past season.  Freshman Reed Jones has joined the Outdoor Pursuit club as well. Freshman Khanimambo Cossa is a member in the French club and the debate club.  Robinson also said she attended the homecoming football game against Fowler.

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