Friday Night Lights

Johnny Keib and Tanner Burns

Staff Writers

The football and cheer team both play key parts in entertaining crowds on Friday nights. While the football team is scoring touchdowns on the field, the cheer team is busy getting the crowd and football team amped and energized throughout the game. The football team feeds off the energy of the cheer team so much that junior quarterback Adam Honis even said, “without them we are nothing.”

On the days before their big games the players are able to stay focused on the task at hand. Their practice starts off with warm ups, then conditioning. After conditioning the team moves to special teams, then offensive and defensive drills. When the three grueling hours come to an end, the team heads back to the locker room. “We are better practice players this year,” said senior offensive lineman Ben Fleet. This leads to great play on the field. The team is currently 3-2 and undefeated in the league.

Daily practice for the cheer squad consists of warm-ups and stretching, followed by routines. Although during the games the cheers look complex and difficult, cheer team captain Chayanne Brebeck said “it is not that hard to learn the cheers, it just takes hard work and dedication.” Because of the daily practices the cheer team has become both confident and in sync.

When watching the cheerleaders perform you’d think they get nervous, but that’s not the case. The team has gotten so good, that they have caught the eye of the crowd every football game, who then join in on the routine. This popularity is because “the team is more together, and our abilities have gotten stronger,” said Brodbeck. Also, they know their role and their cheers are executed to perfection.

Both the cheer team and the football team play big roles in the Jamesville-DeWitt community Friday nights. Kids and parents of all ages come to support both teams even though some fans don’t even know anyone on the team. This is because of the talent and hard work of both teams. The cheer team gets the crowd fired up while the football team executes on the field. With these two lethal powerhouses, Friday nights at the high school are nights to remember.

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