Girls Tennis Finishes Another Successful Season

Steven Baker

Staff Writer

The Jamesville-DeWitt High School Varsity Girls Tennis team finished a strong season. In the regular season the girls tennis team had a very respectable conference record of 9-2 and were 14-3 overall. They landed second in the SCAC Empire conference among eight teams, with only two league losses, both to Auburn.

“I came into this season with tempered expectations,” said Head Coach Eugene Sul. “We have 11 starters and out of the 11, six of them are new. To finish 14-3 definitely exceeded my expectations,” said Head Coach Eugene Sul. The senior co-captains Sara Gow and Sonali Patel were also very pleased with the season they had. “We had a great group of girls and we proved that we could play with anybody,” said Patel.

Their biggest rival this year was the Auburn Maroons. In two tough meetings the Rams lost both by a just a point. “Each of them were barn burners,” said Coach Sul. The Maroons placed first in the SCAC Empire Conference with a record of 13-0 in the conference and 16-2 overall.    

One of the team’s most impressive wins was against Indian River, and the Rams were the only team to defeat them in the regular season. “Indian River was a great team win,” said Gow; “they were a very good team, after that win it showed us that we could beat anybody.”

“We have definitely defied our expectations. We have not it made it this far in sectionals in two years,” said junior Shannon Beaudry. The Rams fell to the defending sectional champions, the Oneida Indians, in the sectional semifinals, 7-0. “We knew they were going to be a very tough team because of their talented seniors,” said Beaudry.

One of the team’s biggest fans, senior Ben Fleet added, “I was really proud of my sister and the team this year, it was a great year for girls tennis.”    

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