Gymnastics Looks to Win Their 17th Consecutive Sectional Championship

Nick Mannion

Sports Editor

The Fayetteville-Manlius and Jamesville-DeWitt High School Varsity Girls Gymnastics team looks to cap off yet another successful season. The team entered into this season with an astounding record of 16 consecutive sectional championships, and expect nothing less this year. “Our goal every year is to win a sectional championship,” said junior gymnast Ana Dieroff. The team has a good chance of making that streak 17 consecutive years, with a record of 4-1 heading towards sectionals; their only loss coming to undefeated New Hartford.

The girls go through an exhausting two hour practice every week day. During each practice the girls work on their routine, and condition. “We have to run a lot; we run around the track almost every practice,” said senior Allie Bergman. “Our practices are really hard because we know that we’re one of the best teams in New York,” added Dieroff.   

The girls have gone into this season in stride, losing only one senior from last year, and gaining two more freshmen. “The team is extremely strong this year. A lot of us, including me, were freshman last year and have gained a ton of experience,” said sophomore Rachel Wells. Wells also said that experience is the reason their team is better than previous year’s teams. Fellow sophomore Gweyn Botto agreed with Wells. “This year has definitely been easier than last year,” said Botto.

Despite the girls on the team coming from separate schools, the team’s chemistry is “amazing,” said Dieroff; “we bond really well with the F-M girls and have a great time together.” The girls bond by going to Tully’s together and sleeping over at each others houses.

Sectionals is on Oct. 20 at CNY Gym Centre, located in ShoppingTown Mall, and for many of girls, states come after that. “We hope that people come and support us at sectionals,” said Bergman. “We know that most people only like going to the football or basketball games, but we encourage everyone to come watch us win sectionals,” added Dieroff.

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