New Faces on J-D Campus

by Nick Mannion and Steven Baker

Staff Writers

As the 2016-17 Jamesville-DeWitt High School school year kicks off there are plenty of new faces in the halls. The freshmen this year have made the transition from middle school to high school, which is “very hard,” according to freshman Kelli Wright. This starts a new chapter in their lives, which some are pleased about. “I’m excited to start my academic career in high school,” said freshman Nate Serlin.

Getting used to a new school is hard for most freshmen, in part because the high school is so much bigger than the middle school. “The high school is huge, I almost got lost on the first day,” said freshman Amirah Britt. Also, some of the freshmen find it tough are the youngest students at the high school. “Some of the older kids can be intimidating,” said freshman Jonathan Ingram. Neither of these problems fazed freshman Will Davis. “the high school hasn’t been hard for me because my older siblings have prepared me for it,” said Davis.    

There are many some significant differences from the middle school to the high school. The block schedule is one of the significant differences. “It’s a little hard getting use to the 82 minute block schedule,” said freshman Jason Pritts. Most of the freshmen said they like having class every other day, including freshman Pranathi Adhikari. “It gives me time to talk to my teachers and get extra help if I need it,” said Adhikari. Adhikari is not the only one who likes having class every other day. “I like the block schedule better because I have math every other day,” said freshman Luke Hobika

Another big difference the freshmen are still getting used to is having classes and lunch with older students. “I love eating lunch with upperclassmen, because I have a lot of friends that are older than me,” said Davis. Freshman Connor Durkin agreed with Davis adding, “it’s cool  eating with older kids, it helps me meet new people.”

One new thing most of the freshmen like about the high school are all of the clubs and electives they can participate in. “I like that I’m free to choose what electives I take and clubs I join,” said freshman Parker Cote. Cote participates in French club and Autism Awareness club. Along with Cote, freshman Ronald Thomas participates in Key Club, African American club and Roots and Shoots club.

“Overall I think this is going to be an awesome year,” said Wright.

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