J-DHS Homecoming vs. ESM

By Mia Potamianos and Jenna Vespi

Editors of Promotion

The beginning of a new school year brings another year of Homecoming festivities. Spirit week is well underway and on Friday, Sept. 23, class periods will be shortened to allow everyone to attend the pep rally that will take place on the turf after sixth period. Also on Sept. 23 at 7 p.m. will be the Homecoming football game on the Jamesville-Dewitt High School turf, against East Syracuse-Minoa High School, one of their biggest rivals.

“It’s the number one game we’re looking forward to this season,” said junior running back Mikey Anderson. Sept. 23 is the Homecoming game, but it’s also Senior Night. Usually the two events, Senior Night and Homecoming, take place on two different nights, however this year they coincide. “Oswego decided not to have a Varsity football team, so unfortunately it’s looking like ES-M is our last home game,” said senior kicker Matt Cappelletti. For the team, this means the seniors will be acknowledged this Friday at half-time, and this will also be the last home game to draw in the Jamesville-DeWitt community.

Leading up to the big game, J-DHS Student Government has arranged a spirit week to show our support and school unity. Monday was pajama day, Tuesday was tie-dye day, Wednesday was jersey day, Thursday was beach day, and Friday, the day of the game, is red and white day. “I am a huge fan of the spirit week, I have my pajamas on today and can’t wait to figure out what to wear the rest of the week,” said vice-president of Slate senior Ishan Gajra said. Junior Ryan Evans is not a fan of spirit week and thinks the days should be better thought out. Sophomore Pat Murad agrees with Evans; “I don’t love some of the ideas that we have.” Murad did say, however, that he is a huge fan of jersey day.

Although the JD Varsity Football team has had a strong season, there have been injuries along the way. However, Varsity Head Coach Eric Ormond said “our team is doing well, we’ve had some adversities, we’ve had some injuries, but we’ve done a nice job of acclimating to and overcoming those injuries.” Starting quarterback, senior Josh Kowalczyk had an unfortunate injury during the first quarter of the first game of this season. He broke three bones in his leg and tore and damaged ligiments in his ankle. Kowalczyk, who is also a captian of the varsity team said, “When I broke my leg it was really upsetting but then I realized it was just a bump in the road and I gotta keep working hard and motivating my team.”

Throughout the challenges that the team has faced, they have perservered and hope to continue to do so in their upcoming game. “I hope everyone can come out to the game and support the team this Friday,” said Captian Kowalczyk.


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