Different Teams, Same Goals

By AJ Ortega and Tim Skeval

Staff Writers

This spring, Jamesville-DeWitt High School sports teams all had very successful seasons.  Varsity Girls Lacrosse finished their season with a 13-6 record after their loss in the sectional finals against Watertown 14-11. Varsity Softball finished off their season 19-5 with a sectional title. Their season ended after a 10-1 loss to Troy. Varsity Boys track finished with a 5-3 record and the team placed seventh out of nine in the Class A-1 sectionals to end their season.


Going into next season, Varsity Softball will keep the same goals – win sectionals and go even farther – but they will need to do it without four seniors: Hannah Gunther, Paige Sherling, Carley O’Hern, and Julia Fairbanks.“We are losing a lot of experience and leadership when they leave,” said sophomore Sara Gow. O’Hern will “miss playing” very much and “wouldn’t trade this year’s team and the memories we made for anything.” The highlight of Sherling’s career was winning sectionals this year and beating Massena 34-4. Varsity Softball’s goals going into next year are to win sectionals again and get farther than they did this year.


Varsity Girls Lacrosse started an impressive 10-2 before back to back losses to Fayetteville Manlius and Watertown. J-DHS would go on to finish the season strong and make it to the sectional finals after getting past  Auburn and Fulton to face Watertown in the finale. With senior Alyssa Phillips leading the team, the girls went into halftime down two. “I felt confident that we could pull out the victory, but ultimately we fell short,” said Phillips. The girls fought hard in the second half, but lost to Watertown 14-11.


Varsity Girls Lacrosse are losing three seniors this for next season. Senior Maddison Newman is “sad about leaving the girls I have been through so much with.This year was an emotional year. I knew from the beginning that leaving wasn’t going to be easy. I even dreaded it,” said Newman. “We are losing talented girls. We are going to have to fight to get back to where we were this year,” said junior Bess Murad.


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