Pennies for Patients

by Spencer Schultz

Assistant Editor of Production

This year’s Pennies for Patients fundraiser proved a small chunk of change can go a long way in fighting childhood cancer. Led by guidance counselor Laura Bond, Jamesville-DeWitt High School homerooms have cumulatively raised almost $3,300 over the past six years to be donated to the Western New York Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.


This year alone, throughout the month of  April J-DHS raised $451.57, a bit down from the $1,000 generated last year. “Last year we had the fundraiser in March, and there was just more energy and motivation in that month,” says Mrs. Bond.


English teacher Kristin Hardy’s homeroom raised the most among sophomores and overall, generating over $100. Juniors from math teacher Betty Wood’s homeroom and seniors from math teacher Michael Daly’s homeroom were the top fundraisers in their grades.

Despite the decrease from last year, Mrs. Bond is still ecstatic with the fundraiser’s outcome. “Every bit counts, and J-D helped to make a difference,” says Mrs. Bond


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